Does it feel like your constantly struggling to accumulate abundance?

Does it feel like have tried every freaking type of energy work under the sun but still you get stuck back at square one- blockage, burnt out, energy drained, broke?

Whats at the core of this pattern? Energy.

Energy can be impacted by spiritual exploration, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still hover around or even be blocked on a much deeper level because it can!

By learning how to protect our energy, uproot our money blocks, and clear our energy completely we can find resolve to these feelings of perpetual misalignment.


In Unlock Your Energetic Freedom you’ll learn how to:

*Attract money effortlessly by being soul led.

*Protect your energy from energy vampires, set boundaries, and find empathic support.

*Using your intuition to manifest real, lasting change.

*Clear the root problems preventing you from manifesting–your money stories, energy footprint, and  cyclical imbalances.


Are you ready to…

>Attract abundance with ease?

>Shift your energy, and change your money making habits?

>Finally clear old stories and wounds preventing you from moving forward?

>Clear the crap out from bad energetic chains preventing you from getting where you want to be?

>Work deeply on your relationship with yourself and others?

>Connect with women who are experience the same things and are dedicated to their own spiritual journey?

>Access the innate power within you by waking up your own Divine energy?

>Finally stop living your life in a cycle, and the struggle of trying to keep your head above water?

>Seek lasting change?



  • Having a sacred support system to share your story with

  • Becoming energetically clear, and finally feeling grounded + at ease

  • Knowing the best life hack techniques for cultivating alignment + staying in it

1. Going beyond surface level, how you have managed to keep energy baggage

(trust me- your good at it 😉 )

2. Where your energy is getting derailed– and more importantly WHY, awareness is power!

3. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY….MONEY, why your relationship with money has brought you here

4. Your Money Story, your Money Beliefs, and what is not serving you

5. The Breakup- breaking up with your money story (once and for-all)

1. Your intuitive super-power, and how to use it

2. Energy protection for Empaths

3. How to use your psychic gifts (yes we all have them.)

4. Identifying your self-sabotaging thoughts, and how to tell them to take a hike

5. Staying in a alignment life hacks

6. Admitting you have old baggage, and making peace with it- so it doesn’t follow you around for the next ___ years

1. Awareness around our patterns

2. Working with our spirit guides

3. Massive energy clearing–baggage, and blocks, to break-throughs

4. Money + abundance attracting exercises

5. Fairy dust, and sparkles thrown in the air- because you will feel brand new


Big impact, big change, big abundance!

Its time to go from shit- to life changing shift!

You’ll work with me over this 3 day program busting through abundance blocks, old stories, bad habits, and more…

Plus you’ll have lifetime access to all the program information; videos, group calls, and PDF’s, plus a kick-ass support network of other people like you!


 Your about to ignite a whole new level of ease and peace!


Who is this program for? 

This program is for all spiritual explorers who are ready and fully committed to changing their lives, dropping cycles of misalignment, and ready to experience total lasting peace.

Is this program just about money? 

We will dive into relationships, habits, time management, soul level alignment, abundance and so much more!

What if I go on vacation or work during this time? Can I still take the program? 

You have access to the group page, program information and portal for lifetime, so you can  go at your own pace (and it is completely online.) Content will be posted over the course of 3 days, and any group calls or meetings will be voted upon to accommodate the most people (plus recorded and posted in the group and portal.)

How long will I have access to this program? 


What can I expect from this program?

You can expect a shift in your mindset, mentality, even your subtle body at times. My wish for you is that you step out of lack and into serious abundance during this process plus clear the things in your life they are not serving you.

Will you offer this program again? 

My programs are 1 time only. It keeps the process intimate and the community tight knit.

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