The Universe IS always supporting us!

Even if we are aware the Universe is supporting us, our ego will find any way to doubt it. One of the ways we can stand firm in trusting the signs we receive is by noticing synchronicity in our lives. Synchronicity is the Universe saying I am confirming with you, you received the message you thought you did. You’ll notice signs appear over and over, in the same or different places, in the same or different circumstances, but they all seem to connect and support each other. It’s like playing a connect the dots game that leads to the end point- your ahha moment (the epiphany.)

Here is an example from yesterday in my life. Last night was a full moon, I got to have an experience with an animal that is known to have night time magic, symbolize the feminine, mystical lore, and hold spiritual secrets of the night, and is directly linked with the full moon. When I taught my yoga class yesterday this same animal was on my students shirt, then I picked up my phone at the end of class and a picture of that same animal was on my phone (because of a playlist I let run in the background.)

This sign was a reminder to me that it is time to come into my feminine side to find balance, and that night time is when I receive them most information to help me through life (in the dream realm.) Where are you noticing signs and synchronicity to support them in your life?

Want to know more abut synchronicity and how to use the tools you have to stay connected head over to to learn more about signs from the Universe, how to read them, and what they are telling you.

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