The Universe is always giving us signs.

The Universe is always giving us signs. We can ask for these signs, and cultivate awareness to become heightened in our awareness to them. We are always connected and supported.

Yesterday, I was walking in the woods, clearing out space in my mind and body, asking for guidance on my next best steps when I stumbled upon a rabbit, then looked down and found this heart shaped leaf. Rabbits are a symbol of new life, adventure, and connection to the moon. I was asking for guidance on my own creative ability and my will to trust the Universe during the ebbs and flows of my life. These signs show me that when I allow myself adventure, and fun I can continue to create and love it (not burning out.) The rabbit also has a maturity from birth to being out on its own of 28 days following the moon cycle. From the day I saw the rabbit to the day I plan on reaching maturity launching my certification courses, it is exactly 28 days. Rabbits are a sign of possibility and new life, concluding also that my launch will be a new beginning for me.

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