When it comes to spiritual business, the rules of every other business still apply.

Just because we talk about the principles of manifestation, alignment, and clarity, doesn’t mean it doesn’t take hard work!

In a spiritual business connections, and relationships are just as important as setting good intentions.

In a spiritual business, your action moves you towards manifestation.

In a spiritual business, you create a foundation of alignment and then BUILD it by working in the flow (this doesn’t mean easy.)

In a spiritual business, you have to get your ducks in a row, have an actual business license or permit, know your numbers, project your income, and plan, just like in any other business.

In a spiritual business, you must be professional, keep professional business relationships, and respect others to keep your business in a high regard by others.

In a spiritual business, you have to cultivate skills in marketing, PR, content creation and social media if you want to up-level.

And in a spiritual business you have to make good choices to move towards your set goals and your dreams.

Manifestation, intention, and affirmations only go so far.

Manifestation is backed in action.

Intention is backed in plan.

Affirmations are backed in commitment.

Your name is backed by your integrity.

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