It’s ok to not be “on” all the time! Setting boundaries is important for not only telling people what you expect of them but what you expect from yourself. When are you going to be “on” , and when are you not going to be. You need time off for your own care mentally, emotionally, and physically. ⠀

The best way I have found to do this is to step back, make a list, and have one “Power Hour” a day. Where I just focus on my list, and cram as much business building in as I can. That means all else is put away and that is the boundary, I focus in. I am “on” during that time for my business. And all other hours I am not, no work. ⠀

Your success is 20% action and 80% mind set. You don’t have to work around the clock. You don’t have to answer messages all hours of the night. You can plan well, commit to your business, make it work, and still have your down time. What do you want your life look and feel like? Set your goals and boundaries around it.

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