Lack is a lie. Manifestation tells us that our energy informs our outcome. Our thought, verbalizations, and actions are energy, and they dictate what comes our way. For more on this see my ‘What Is Manifestation? Post. When we choose a mindset of lack, meaning there is not enough to go around, or I am not good enough, I do not have enough of________________ , or I can’t, we are in fact telling the Universe that we are not grateful for what we have, creating a vibration or energy of negativity, and we are not given more. We block our manifestation ability, and instead ask for chaos in our lives. It is easy when you have this mindset to end up in perpetual blockages that look, and feel the same in many areas in your life- because they are.

They are blockages created by our fears, which are stories we once told our self, then supported to make our truth. For example, if you saw a spider for the first time, and had no association to it, you wouldn’t know to be afraid of it. Then, you see a spider, and you see someone nearby scream, you decided in that moment spiders are scary because the person screamed, then the next time you saw a spider you deemed it scary again (to support your thought) and ta-da you now have a fear of spiders.

We do the same with other situations. We may have once had a teacher, parent, family member, or coach that told us we weren’t good enough in some way shape or form, then we internalized it, and every time a scenario similar came up we felt that way again because we made what someone said or did to us our truth. They said it so it must be true, when in fact it is not at all. Lack in its root comes from a place of fear or misalignment. It is a blockage to joy. In order to manifest what we want in our lives we have to stay in a place of high vibration (joy, faith, hope, love) and out of low vibrations which want to bring us down like a black hole (fear, blame, shame, doubt, lack.) Try this journaling exercise to see where you have blockages in you life, and their root. The more we understand and create awareness around our habits of lack, the more we can gain to choose a new path.

What is your biggest financial fear?

What do you feel there is not enough of for you to succeed?

What would it feel like if you were to be accountable for your own success and not point the finger to a place that you think lack exists?

What was your first memory dealing with money?

Did someone ever say anything to you that made you feel like you weren’t enough? Who was that person? What did they say?

Do you think its true?

Do you put a lot of financial stress on your shoulders?

What would be the worst case scenario, if you chose to let some of that burden go?

Would you feel more at ease?

Do you use words like debt, bills, or crunch numbers?

How can you change your relationship with money?

How can you change your idea of success?

How can you change your false truths about yourself?

What do you promise to release right now?

How will you commit to your own positive energy and thoughts on abundance going forward?

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