Taking The World By Storm

Someone recently said to me “The only obstacles that exist for you are the ones your create in your own head.” And the solutions to these ‘deemed’ problems are really simple and will come quickly and easily if you let them…It got me to thinking how many times I have made self-created problems, and why? I think we do this because sometimes it is actually scary how much potential there is. If we are capable and come to this earth to do great things, and the Universe wants to help us do and be that- it’s like a house with no top- it’s infinite potential.

As humans I think we like to put parameters on what we do because we feel we need a sense of control, but I often ask myself if the big lesson here is just trust. If we trust we know that those big things are coming, and we aren’t scared because trust doesn’t have parameters or ‘buts’ it’s an all in feeling. I create issues where there really aren’t any because sometimes I loose my trust in the Universe.

When I see this now instead of landing in the struggle and looking for the solution, I can give up and surrender instead. If you have been putting off projects that you know are divinely guided because of self limiting thoughts or problems that you are creating a distraction with, get going today.

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