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The Universe IS always supporting us!

Even if we are aware the Universe is supporting us, our ego will find any way to doubt it. One of the ways we can stand firm in trusting the signs we receive is by noticing synchronicity in our lives. Synchronicity is the Universe saying I am confirming with you, you received the message you […]

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Crystals For Sleep & Dream Recall

I have suffered from random bouts of insomnia for as long as I can remember, and have always a lot of anxiety around sleeping. Crystals have been a complete game changer for me in this realm! To stimulate sleep, have more sound, and peaceful rest: I keep amethyst under my bed to help stimulate sleep, […]

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Living High Vibe; My Story

You may see my website and think.. This girl is so high vibe, it must be that her life was always this shiny..But, that is not the truth, it couldn’t be farther from it. Years ago I found myself tired, broken, with no clue who I really was–wanting to give up. I spent most of my […]

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