What we often assume is the Universe trying to teach us something, is just the Ego’s fight to stay alive.

Ego keeps us in our small thinking. It is created through everyday interaction, situations and events in our lives that become internalized— things WE make mean something as opposed to taking everything at face value. It’s our limited interpretation.

These things that we internalize then prove to serve as our barriers in our lives. We deem Ego thoughts as self-preservation, keeping us safe, but really, they are lack, and fear created to keep us from our very nature which is Divine, abundant, and as beings who have the power to create and cultivate their wildest dreams. Ego says you can’t because ______.

When we become more conscious, more aware, Ego begins to fight to stay alive. We created this thing throughout all of the years prior after all, it has a strong hold, it’s our framework. It tells us we need everything held in a tight neat little box.

So, when we up-level things happen almost immediately to take our focus off of our up-level, off of our new massive abundance, and off of the truths in which we are beginning to not only learn but believe and embody.

Ego fights to stay alive. So the stimuli comes after we shift into higher vibration to try to get us back to shift back to our prior state– so Ego can stay alive. It’s like Ego is saying “are you really sure you want to do that, because you have been living this way for quite some time, and you know it’s really fine to keep living like this, it’s much safer, cozier…”

So, as spiritual advancers we say things like “I think the Universe is trying to teach me something” “What is the lesson here?” when really the only reason these things are showing up, is for the hope that Ego can take a strong hold again.

It’s not a lesson, the Universe didn’t serve you this, Ego is just one stubborn bitch.

Stand your ground. Don’t let it take you down. You are abundant, you are free, you don’t need framework, YOU cultivate your experience.

Time to starve Ego fully. 😉


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