Spiritual Crystals + Oils Series Day 2: Crystals + Essential Oils for Empaths

It’s so important for people who are empathic to protect their auric field because their energy can become depleted very easy because of their extreme clairscentience.

These tools are amazing for empaths, and I urge you to get them if you are struggling with this in your life.

The two best crystals for this are black tourmaline which keeps you grounded and protected (protects your auric field), and smokey Quartz which is grounding and balancing plus transmutes negative (or unwanted) energy which means it will absorb it, and then clear it.

I suggest wearing or carrying these on you at all times.

The oils I suggest are Breathe, which provides psychic protection (applied to your wrist points and sinus pressure points plus fanned around your aura), and White Fir (now Siberian Fir) for grounding and protection on your feet.

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