Not sure what essential oils and crystals pair best vibrationally? This series will teach you some go-to matches made in heaven that will do everything from get your grounded to help you have a spiritual awakening!

Spiritual Crystals + Oils Series Day 6:

Feeling like you are in need of a spiritual reset? Whether it’s scattered, stressed, or simply off that you feel, here is the perfect combo for you…

Ylang Ylang is an oil for emotional balance especially when we are feeling depressed or in disarray. Ylang Ylang reminds us to find the ease and joy in life. Its a reminder to focus on what IS working instead of what is not working.

Its crystal counterpart is clear quartz which is often called the ‘master manifestor’ it is an amazing stone of multipurpose.

If you only have one crystal it should be quartz because of its use for just about every type of physical, spiritual and or emotional imbalance. It simply reacts to your intention. Ask for what you want and you shall receive because this stone will give help you powerfully attract it!

I suggest wearing clear quartz all of the time and diffusing Ylang Ylang for quick emotional and mental shift when you are feeling drained or down (however if you want to wear it on you all the time, it makes an amazing perfume if you put it in a roller bottle with some dilution oil.)

Tip: You can make a quartz magnifiied essential oil roller bottle blend if you have clear quartz chips, a roller, some carrier oil and Ylang Ylang. Start by adding some crystal chips to about 1/2 way up the roller bottle, then add carrier oil leaving a good amount of space at the top, then add 7-12 drops of essential oil. You’ll have a great pick me up to carry along with you daily.

Put your blend on your wrist points and behind your ears.


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