My Skincare Routine

If you have been looking for something that is gentile on your skin, hydrates, and is actually effective when it comes to breakouts, plus depuffs your skin and helps your sinuses clear, here is your regimen.

The Verage Skincare System by dōTERRA (I can’t say enough about this really- it has saved my skin.) I use the whole system as directed, but my very favorite product is the serum. Post baby (both times) I have used the HD Clear face wash until my skin cleared up and then switched back to Verage (but the HD Clear is really more astringent so I would only use it if you are breaking out.)

I also use jade crystal roller to depuff under my eyes and the rest of my face in an upward motion (it feels amazing and somehow it is always cold to take out inflammation.)

I also use a small crystal wand.  Mine is selenite but has a fluorite tip because I thought hey I should open up my 3rd Eye while I’m at this… you take your wand and slowly in a circular motion press (lightly) on your sinus points.

Y’all are gonna love this I promise! Your skin will look refreshed and radiant.

Ready for your next step? Check out Doterra Essential Oils HERE

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