Group Coaching is designed to give soul seekers a community learning experience in which you cultivate more awareness, self-discovery, self-care and develop deep relationships with other like-minded people.

Current Offerings:

3 Day Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Course- Only 10 Spots Available 

This is a fast track 3-Day Online experience for those who want to become certified crystal healers and learn best visually. You will have a direct experience with me as your trainer, and become certified through my accredited metaphysical school.

  • 3 Day Online Course with Lifetime Access

  • You’ll get a Certificate of Completion, and  ability to use the suffix “CCH” at the end of your name. (Example: Jenn Morgan, CCH)

Course Curriculum

Optional Course Materials:

  1. The Crystal Healer, by Phillip Permutt

Required Materials:

  1. A Quartz Crystal Pendulum on a solid chain

  2. A Chakra Crystal Healing Set; clear quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, rose quartz, green adventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, smokey quartz, black tourmaline


Master Attunement-

The Master Attunement will take place on Day 4 of the program, it is an additional option for those who wish to become healers, want to be healed by me, and would like to spiritual advance with crystals as their guides. You will learn which crystal is the best crystal for you in all aspects of life (restorer crystal) and experience heightened energy 1-on-1 with me.

After your payment is receive you will get an email with access to the group training page and your link to schedule your 1-on-1 for the Master Attunement.

Past Offerings:

Join me for the beta launch of the CrystalYoga(TM) Instructor Certification. You will work closely with me during this live group coaching experience.  This program will teach you how to teach yoga, and how to bring crystals into a yoga class for a deep spiritual experience and unique offering. You will learn how to be a leader, how to find your voice, the ethics and principles of yoga, how to lead a class, and how to facilitate the use of crystals correctly. Upon completion you will get a website logo badge for your website, and your certificate. This is a tight knit group of women who either currently teach yoga, want to teach yoga or want to know more about yoga and crystals for their self care. This is a collaborative experience, I will be work closely with each member of this training for feedback to create the best experience for all who take this course in the future.

Skills & Healing Arts:

Ethics & Principles of Yoga
Pillars of Yoga & Lineage
Anatomy 101
Chakras & Function
Energy & Healing
Crystals 101
Essential Oils Basics
Bringing Healing Tools Into Your Practice
Teaching in Non-Traditional Settings
How to Teach the CrystalYoga(TM) Blueprint
How to Develope Your Offering
How to Lead & Find Your Voice as a Teacher
How to Build a Clientel
How to Teach & Develop a Workshop
How to Make Money as a Yoga Teacher

Credentials & Training:

You will get 20 Yoga Alliance CEC hours from this program.
You will be eligible for the CrystalYoga(TM) 200 Hour Training Program coming summer 2018.

What You’ll Experience:

Weeks will start with trainings these will be live, or via recorded PowerPoint & Zoom depending on the curriculum and take place online via Facebook group, then move into implementation (meditation, journaling ect. mid-week) these will be posted on the facebook page as either PDFs, posts, or audio, then end with group calls via Zoom call (Friday or the weekend, depending on the poll.) The program runs for 6 weeks total. Each student gets a 1 hour 1-on-1 clarity call with me during week 5 or 6 of the experience.

Materials: No materials are required, but I will mention some that you may want to get, these include; books, crystals, and some essential oils.

Sign Up:

The beta course is discounted from the CrystalYoga public enrollment price. The total cost is $600. (To the public this program will be $998) You will also get a discount off of the 200Hr Program (summer 2018) and Summit.

If you are ready to be a part of a tight knit group, provide feedback, are accountable and committed, and want to work closely with and be coached by me, your a good fit!


Introducing my new group coaching program on Universal Signs starting June 2nd! This will be a deep exploration into how the Universe, our Guides, past loved ones, Angels are supporting us and providing us with information meant to help us navigate our lives and make choices that propel us in the right direction.


This time I can really say, the Angels made me do it. From the concept to the curriculum to the price, this came to me last night and has completely manifested via Divine Guidance. I am so looking forward to teaching this offering, and certifying some beautiful souls in this topic that is so dear to my heart.


Week 1- The Universe has your back. The basics; tapping into your unique guidance system.

 Understanding Signs from the Universe

 Types of Signs & How to Decode Them
 Receptivity Meditation & Blockage Removal to amplify our receptivity to Universal Guidance and Love
 Exploring where signs come from
> Zoom Call group meeting

> Weekly Quiz


Week 2- Receptivity reformation. Retrain your thinking to receive more guidance.

 Asking for signs

 Animal Totems & Significance
 Meeting Your Spirit Guides & More
 Signology Master Guide
 Signology Crystals to amplify your receptivity guide
> Zoom Call group meeting
>Weekly Quiz


Week 3- We are all one collective. Coaching in Signology, and living your soul’s purpose.

 Coaching

o How to talk about signs and Universal Support without coming off ‘woo-woo’
o How to teach clients to increase receptivity
o How to bring Signology into your coaching
o How to create a holistic business around Signology coaching
o Complementary healing forms and tools
o Creating a workshop around signs
o Wrap up exercise, practicum presentation (to me) and Certification
> Zoom Call group meeting
>Weekly Quiz

>1-on-1 Life Purpose session with me. (30 mins per student)

Each week will have PDF print outs, activities, actionables, and practicum assignments. You will be a certified Signology Coaching upon graduation and receive your certificate. 

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