The Shining Soul Academy is a Holistic Healing Lifestyle School that teaches you how to self-heal and live your best life through finding balance, a community, and spiritual awakening.


The courses withing the Shining Soul Academy teach you how to cultivate balance in your life through filling your cup emotionally, spiritually and physically and by teaching you to rid yourself of years of emotional baggage that is keeping you stuck in the same place in your life. You’ll learn how to sync up to natural cycles and rhythms of the earth and navigate life with more foundation, grounding and your own intuitive strengths.


Moon Phaseology

Connect + Collaborate with Your Spirit Guides

Astrology with Applied Essential Oils


In the Academy You Will: 

Dive deep into your own thoughts, emotional patterns

Learn how to self-reflect

Learn about the natural cycles of the moon and how they are important in your life

Learn about who you are at soul level with astrology

Learn which essential oils are optimal for your healing and balance

Learn how to use crystals for holistic healing

Gain countless exercises to turn up your intuition and begin to follow it like your north-star so you feel more guided and less stuck in your life

Find your true self and use it like the compass it is meant to be to help you navigate your life with clarity and decisiveness

Gain overall balance in your life and free flowing energy

Shift your mindset and become more positive and less self-critical



How It Works:

Every month you will unlock a new course. You get to pick which you start with and the order in which you dive into them! This timeline gives you time to finish the first, and commit to practicing the techniques within them to shift your life. You do not have to sign up for these courses individually (please choose and enrollment option.) The Academy allows you to get these courses at a significant discount versus the individual price.

Enrollment Options:

Option 1: Sign up to become a member of my Doterra Sisterhood Tribe. As soon as you make an enrollment order you’ll be eligible to receive the first course of your choice, and after you join LRP (for 2 months past your first initial 100pv order) you’ll unlock the last 2 courses. This acts as a payment plan and gives you exclusive access to our VIP Palace Student Group plus our Essential Oil Sisterhood Tribe (a $108 value for free.) Total Value $660 yours for $300

To Enroll Click HERE>>


Option 2: Sign up for $399 ($55 off of individual course enrollment.) You’ll get access to the VIP Palace Student Group (value $98) but do not get access to the Essential Oil Sisterhood Tribe (unless you place an order over 100PV at a later date.) Total $552 yours for $399

To Enroll Click HERE>>





What is the course format like? 

All of my courses are led on CourseCraft which allows you to go at your own pace, and gives you video, audio, visual aid downloads and more.

What if I want to do option 1, and just want to take one course?

You can always join with option one and decide to take just one course, however you receive an over $699 value as you continue on with the academy (at half the price.)

How do I actually unlock the next course after I finish the first? 

You will email the course moderator at soulfilledyogi (at) outlook.com and the next course will be made available to you.

What if I want to finish sooner? 

If you finish a course before the month mark you will have the option to notify the course group moderator and move on to your next course.

What if a course I want to take is not included in this academy? 

If you want to take a course that is not included in the academy you can do so after the initial three courses are completed. No swapping accommodations will be made for the initial three courses, but after they are finished you can add on additional certification courses available on my site at a discounted rate or by staying on LRP for an additional time (depending on your original enrollment option chosen) by emailing the program moderator.

What if I want to keep going when I finish the three initial courses?

After you have completed the three core curriculum courses you will receive an email explaining your options to continue with the other courses on my website. They will be made available either for purchase (at a discount) or by staying on LRP for an additional duration of time (depending on the course.)


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