Self-Care + Self-Love

Developing a self-care routine and making it a priority is super important to me in my spiritual walk. When I am moving to quickly through my day, feeling stressed or out of alignment I cannot be attuned to Universal guidance because I am distracted and mentally murky. In order to become clear I need to consistently do the things that allow me to empty out so that I can become a vessel for the Divine. One of the things I enjoy most in my self-care routine is taking a relaxing aromatherapy bath. I drop in my rose quartz to remind me of my own self love, and drop a few drops of Breathe Essential Oil or a bath bomb to make a quick spiritual shift. What things do you do for your own self-care? Do you find that you have a consistent routine or struggle to stick with your self-care then only notice you need to do more of it when you burn out? Let start a conversation around this! Xoxo, Jenn

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