If your anything like me, the whole time you are on a flight or in an airport you are thinking of all the things that could happen. My mind races something fierce and I don’t really enjoy the process of traveling like I used to when I was a kid.

So on my last trip, I made myself an airport/ flight survival kit to help ease my stress and arrive at my destination in tip-top shape.

My airport survival kit has everything you may need for your trip:

Essential Oils:

I use dōTERRA’s Clary Calm Blend to remain calm during the flight and while I am in the air. This blend has hormone balancing and emotional balancing essential oils including clary sage which is a great grounding essential oil for while you are literally ungrounded (in the air.)

I also NEVER leave home without OnGuard dōTERRA’s Immune Blend because lets face it, how many germs are flying around on an airplane? A ton of trapped air circulation is a recipe for distaster and a breeding ground for all things cold and flu. To keep my immune system up and apply it to my feet periodically throughout the day because there is nothing worse than getting to your destination and feeling a cold coming on!

I also use the dōTERRA Breathe Stick because my sinuses always feel stuffy in the air, so I put a little under my nose and on my chest.


My very favorite crystal to use for fear and/or a racing mind is chiastolite. It helps soften any fears around traveling, flights, heights etc. Hold this one in your hand throughout your flight or grab a crystal cage and necklace chain and wear it right around your neck during your journey.

I also keep my mala necklace on me to work on mindfulness and meditation while I am in the air, this keeps me calm and focused.

Hope this helps all of you travelers!


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