Reflections On a Year

August 2017-

Laying here this morning listening to the rain above me. Using this time to pause and reflect on where I’ve come from.

In a month it will be my 1 year business anniversary. This business was my way of culminating my passions, and my new direction of alignment. I have no shame in saying my prior business was a learning experience preparing me for this business and helping me to clearly identify what I didn’t want in a business—burn out, and stress.

In this one year, I have stepped into my truth, stepped away from aspects of my business that weren’t serving me, embodied my message, attracted my ideal clients over and over, served, made lasting relationships, invested in my business, mastered manifestation, brought in more abundance than I even thought was possible, enjoy doing my work every day (in fact I really freaking love being with my clients), and kept a clarity mindset which set the pace for everything listed above. Some days I think to myself someone pinch me, I’m dreaming, but I remind myself this is the experience I have chosen to create and I have taken the actions to develop it.

I spent all yesterday intuitively planning out my next 6 months. From what I will drop to stay in alignment, to new directions I will begin to walk towards. I am so excited for the future that I want to run towards it (even though I know that timing and feeling are everything when it comes to moving forward with intention.) The things I’m working towards will continue to change lives, and cultivate my dream life. When you fully commit to the lifestyle you want to have, you will live a life you love.

I see so many business owners and those who want to be business owners struggling– because they aren’t making money, and they feel like they don’t know where to start, or how to change the patterns they keep seeing. This reflects in their bank accounts, in their failed projects, or even those that fail to launch.

I’ve seen my clients, start with:
No clarity just massive confusion trying to fit all of the puzzle pieces of their skills, what they want to do, and what they see being done together– making for something that feels completely inauthentic.

Real beliefs about money, so deeply seeded they they didn’t even know they were there completely blocking off their ability to create and attract money.

Plan for all the things they want to do, but be stuck in a lack mindset, not believing they were enough so they never launched a damn thing. Lots of plans sitting in desk drawers.

I’ve also seen these same clients:
Cultivate clarity, a solid direction,and totally shift their body response and mindset around their business because it now feels good, feels right, and doesn’t feel like looming confusion.

Squash their money stories, do a massive clearing house and attract money almost instantaneously by setting intention and believing they are money making machines.

Launch programs in a weekend and finally for the first time make money (over $2000) on what they are putting out there after years of throwing out free content and not seeing any return.

You CAN have the life of your dreams you just have to be committed and ready. Ready to clear your energy, live your wildest dreams, and attract abundance?

I’m ready to welcome in 6 more dream clients to change their lives massively in 6 weeks. This is a intense, fast paced program designed to shift your mindset, get you making money, and building a foundation of massive clarity so that your business is built on rock versus sand.

If this speaks to you, and your ready to work 1-on-1 with me as your mentor, coach, and friend reach out to me.

Email me at, Im waiting for you 😉

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