Looking to draw more abundance into your life? How about some more $$$? I think just about everyone can answer yes to this one. Show of hands?

For years I have used crystals to attract prosperity into my life, so your in luck because I’m going to share with you the very specific practices I have used.

  1. Create an abundance crystal grid; I like to use the sacred geometry shape the flower of life because to me, when you bring out this specific shape as your crystal grid foundation you are bringing out the big guns! Its the most powerful sacred geometry shape (and all other sacred geometry shapes are built off of it.) With your flower of life, lay the following crystals on the cross sections (the areas where lines cross (only use the major lines if you dont have a ton of crystals.)): citrine, green adventurine, jade, peridot. Start from the center and work your way out, and in the center put a clear quartz generator or tumble stone.
  2. Save ALL the checks you make especially if you have a business and keep them in the back left corner of your house under a citrine stone or free standing citrine crystal. This is a practice of gratitude and being thankful for what you HAVE attracted already while welcoming in more with ease not from ego.
  3. Keep a citrine in the back left corner of your house (inside or outside) and/or in the left side of your cash register if you have a business. In Feng Shui the back left corner of the home is the ‘prosperity’ corner. This practice adds intention to money attraction.
  4. Keep a gratitude journal for all transactions and your personal notes of thanks for each. This will not only help you become more grateful for customers and clients but help you see some areas where money is coming to you by way of the Universe that is unplanned. This helps our vibration to stay in a place of joy with our finances and helps us really know the Universe has our back.
  5. Pay your bills with joy! Paying bills can be really really draining right? What if you approached paying your bills from a place of joy instead? Know that you are sending money out into the world that is somehow someway doing good, even if its just a little boost of energy the person who opens the envelope gets from the nice energy you imparted on the mail.
  6. On the new moon, set your intention on prosperity; light a candle, put a dollar underneath it and set an intention that you are able to serve more by being supported monetarily this month. You can also say a little affirmation: “I am filled with the unlimited abundance of the Universe and manifest all that I need.”

Give which ever resonates with you a shot and be ready for abundance to show up in new and unique ways in your life!


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