1. You are responsible for making payments, you will not be invoiced unless you request to be
  2. If Option 1 is chosen your deposit will not act as your payment for October, your 1st $250 payment will be due before Oct. 14th
  3. Monthly payments are due by the 14th of each month unless otherwise specified
  4. If you miss a payment, a $75 charge will be added to your next payment, unless terms are specified
  5. All payments are the be sent via Paypal to soulfilledyogi@gmail.com
  6. Please email soulfilledyogi@gmail.com for any questions, arrangements, or concerns


  1. You will be responsible for you own housing (but low cost group housing will be provided, you’ll be situated in a nice beach house.)
  2. You will be responsible for your own travel accommodations
  3. You will provide your own food, arrangements to purchase food will be made

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