Pause To Grow

Here is the deal —

In our culture we are always on the go.
We move quickly, and do so much.

We struggle with downtime even in our own spiritual development.
But when we apply this mentality on to our spiritual growth we can experience karmic burn out.

We can’t work on all of our lessons at once.
We need time for our growth to sink in.

Just as you watch a plant grow or flower blossom in stages, it doesn’t happen all at once, it would be a shock to the plants system. The plant needs to conserve energy to actually bloom.


It’s ok to pause.

It’s very important to.

Take this full moon time as a sign to pause and only do the things that will make your soul soar. Not all of the things!


Ask yourself why am I doing ____?
Is there a purpose, or am I doing just to do, when I could be pausing and waiting for my next intuitive guidance cue?

More is not better- More is just more. Xoxo 🌸

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