Something I have always struggled with is asking for help. I’ve always been the kind of person who thinks I can do it on my own, that it would mean weakness not to.. But, every day I am learning that it is ok to ask for help, and that its ok to not be ok. I have to remind myself that it is ok to be vulnerable, and not have it all together all the time, and that even more it will help others to connect with me in such a real way.

It’s a lot of giving up control…When you give up control, it becomes easier to ask for help from others. I know that those around me have my back, and that I don’t need to go at things alone, but I still have work on letting others in. I have been struggling with my health lately, and I haven’t really been speaking up about it- for fear that I would tarnish my “high vibe” lifestyle.

I was in the hospital last week and instead of telling people I went about my day answering messages from my hospital bed. This made me do some real soul searching- is this what I want for and for my clients? For them to not be able to really tell me what is going on in their lives, be real, and for them to feel uneasy speaking up because they feel they have to portray something? No! It’s not.

So step one for me tonight is to share, and to say that being authentic, open, and vulnerable walk hand in hand with being high vibe. And you are still in the light even if and when you are struggling, it just means you could use a little support from your shiny friends to help you burn a little brighter.

At any step- where ever you are in your life, I want you to know; It is ok to feel off, or confused, or scared. It is ok to ask for help from others so that you can help yourself. It’s ok to let others help pick you up. It’s ok to just be you through what ever you are going through. You don’t have to ‘hold it all together.’

-Jenn, The Soul Filled Yogi

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