New Moon June 2017 Energy Report

New Moon in Gemini Energy Report:


Now is the time!

We are coming off of some really intense energies that showed us our darkness, our deep seeded stories of lack, our bad habits that have kept us from opening up to a higher spiritual level.


Now that we have seen these things it’s time to clear all the residue of lack and fear out of the way.


The energies of Gemini and Sagittarius combine this month.

Gemini the communicator and Sagittarius the fire starter that can do anything!


Have you been procrastinating?

Have you known your truth but haven’t spoken up yet?


How about getting BIG right now, even thru being afraid,

How about not only speaking your truth, but getting into action.


It’s time for you to change the world.

You are needed in this arena.


Stop playing small so you can give your service to the world.


I had a moment last night where I felt this all.
I stopped and asked myself, why. What do I really want.


The landscape of our world is what touches my heart.
Knowing there are people without clean drinking water, kids affected by war and orphans. I can feel that tug at my heart so intensely that I can rise up over any fear because I need to get big, I need to not procrastinate, I need to release all residue of doubt and lack, because they need me.


What is your why?

What is your intention for this new moon?


Join me in trailblazing won’t you? It’s time 🔥


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