New Moon July 2017 Energy Report

🌙✨ The New Moon in Leo is coming up tomorrow (July 23rd) and it’s going to set the pace for the upcoming eclipses (some big energy) in August, making now the perfect time for finding clarity around what you want to manifest.


I’ve been contacted by numerous clients and Facebook friends today asking me for guidance- saying “Jenn is there something going on in the Universe causing strange things to come up? Everything seems to be going haywire.”


If this is happening for you – first off, I want to let you know you are not alone. Second, I want to give you some possible explanations as to why, and lastly I want to say ride it out, don’t back down on what you know as your truth.
The New Moon on the 23rd started at 0 degrees, this is an extremely powerful time for intention setting- explaining why many of you saw your intentions coming though, and being manifested fast and furious.
However, with this said, again it was a powerful time to manifest and even things you were not consciously choosing (by way of fear, lack, confusion, and doubt based thoughts) have also manifested.


These may be showing up in unexpected ways – this is why we have to be so clear with our energy because energy manifests just as much as choice, and conscious based thought.
Ask yourself was I feeling unclear about something? Did I feel off or in lack about something during the new moon?  And, how is this showing up in my reality right now.  Is there something staring at me that isn’t serving me?  Is it time to let it go?

Get clear on this because what you experienced around the new moon in July is a preview of what is possible next month on the eclipse. It will be the most significant time for manifestation this year.
We also moved into Chiron retrograde which asks us to look at EVERYTHING. The stuff we don’t want to look at included.


So, if you have tried to suppress something, or ran (or currently are running away) from a piece of you, an emotional pattern, or a side of you that you don’t deem good enough, or worthy enough, or you think will just go away–chances are it’s coming up right now, and staring at you in the face.
This energy will exaggerate people’s ability either to take things by the rains and solicit big change by being a yes, or people’s ability to succumb to fear based thought, and really deep-rooted lack beliefs about themselves, money, and what they believe is possible for themselves.


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