New Moon February 2018 Energy Report

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

We are being asked what we will take a stand for!

What boundaries have you not set that are causing you emotional turmoil?

How have you taken on roles and responsibilities that were never yours to please others?

How have you looked at yourself as separate from (having to earn your keep) or a step above others?

You are them and they are you.

Time to lead with joy in EVERY aspect of your life. Ask yourself- Does this bring me joy?

If its not a RINGING, BRILLIANT, VIBRANT yes this brings me a joy- then it’s time to put it down!

Journal Prompts:
👉What have I been doing because I think I should/have do it? 
👉What do I actually want to do? 
👉What am I doing this fills me up with joy? 
👉What really excites me? 
👉What am I spending time on that doesn’t make me feel joy at all? 
👉What am I ready to release without worry of what others will think?

Bottom line, you are the creator of your life. Create what brings you joy. Do you really need the rest?


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