New Moon August 2017 Energy Report

The New Moon + Solar Eclipse is tomorrow!

This is a powerful time to finally let go of anything not serving you (and process anything else hovering around), because its paving way to adventure, possibility, and you coming forward into + embodying your truth fully!

Many of us have been tired, burnt out, worn down, and feel like have been dragged through crap – good news: this is about to cease, #byefelicia.


These past few months have kicked my butt, and I’m sure some of you can resonate, but it is paving way for some serious energy of alignment and success 😉

Journal reflection:
What else do I need to process from my life before I move forward?
What do I want my new life to look like and feel like everyday?
How can I move forward with the most possibility?
How can I accept myself on a deeper level?


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