The moon is a powerful factor in astrology as it ‘governs’ our emotions on a day to day basis. When we know the basics of the moon phases we can begin to have more self awareness and be more gentile with ourselves about what we are experiencing..

The New Moon, what does it symbolize?

🌕 The new moon symbolizes a time for a new beginning. This is the time when we set our intentions for what we want to ‘come true’ or manifest in the light of the full moon. The new moon (because it is the moon in darkness) also symbolizes a time to work on shadow work (which is the life lessons and parts of ourselves that challenge us or that we don’t commonly look at that need to be accepted or processed.)

What can I do to align with this moon phase?

🌕 Light a candle, watch the flame, and reflect on the past month (or lunar phase) from a place of gratitude. Then ask yourself what your intention (or what you wish to welcome in) for this month is. You can also make a list of things you wish to accomplish as you work towards the full moon, and set micro-tasks or mini-intentions to accomplish your big intentions.

The Full Moon, what does it symbolize?

🌕 The full moon symbolizes coming to maturation, and our desires manifesting into fruition.

What can I do to align with this moon phase?

🌕 A simple ritual that you can do during the time of the full moon is to meditate on the night of the full moon and ask yourself have any of my intentions from the new moon come true? If not, its time to take some more action steps to get yourself rollin’ towards your goals. Nothing happens unless you put work into it! Good news, the full moon often supercharges our motivation so its the perfect time to get as much done as you can.

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