Aura Quartz..Aqua Aura…Angel Aura…What are all these crystals that have seemed to pop up out of no where?

Man treated crystals

Aura Quartz crystals are brilliantly shining crystals that can come in many different colors, most notably; titanium blue, and Aqua aura (shown in the picture,) pink and peach (Angel Quartz,) greens, blues etc. The Quartz component of these is a real Quartz cluster from nature, the color however is not. In a lab they are dipped in chemicals usually metals to make them fun colors. How does this affect them? Some people do not collect them because they feel that they are too tampered with. They are added to, and maybe this amplifies their qualities or maybe lessens them. However, either way they are a Quartz cluster and Quartz has some amazing abilities when it comes to healing. Some like to work with these crystals because they feel that the layered metal or compound adds to their healing qualities and range. For example a pink Quartz now has the ability to focus more towards the heart chakra. It’s for you to simply decided using your intuition am I drawn towards this or not?

Man made crystals 

There are glasses being sold as crystals. They have really no earth given healing qualities, but can hold an intention if you set one to it. Some of these stones include; goldstone (copper and blue colored,) and opalite.

Crystal fakes

Unfortunately there are other real crystals out there that are commonly faked. Outright impostors. You may see large quartz chunks out there that seem real but look out for air bubbles a sure sign it is glass. Moldivite is another Crystal faked very commonly by replacing it with melted plastic. Be sure you know your provider.


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