You may see my website and think.. This girl is so high vibe, it must be that her life was always this shiny..But, that is not the truth, it couldn’t be farther from it. Years ago I found myself tired, broken, with no clue who I really was–wanting to give up. I spent most of my life up until my mid twenties unhappy, depressed, and with no hope. I didn’t think it would ever get better for me until I found a way out. And I wasn’t even searching for the way out I was so gone- it found me.

My life revolved around the number on the scale and the idea that if I could get to __lbs I would be happy. When I got there SURPRISE… I wasn’t- I felt broken, stuck, and alone. When I walked into Yoga To The People I had no clue what to expect but little did I know this experience would change my life. I could feel something brewing inside of me, but ran from it since it was so unfamiliar. It’s almost like I was addicted to the pain emotionally that I was experiencing.

Years later after spending a lot of time trying to fill the void I still was battling my demons although my life looked different and from and outside view people would have though ‘she has it all.’ One day to loose weight for my wedding I popped into a yoga studio and committed to going daily as an attempt to loose those last few pounds. What did not happen- was loosing weight. What did happen- I woke up.

I woke up to the reason that my life had been so negative for all those years; and the reason was me. As I looked at myself in the mirror and judged myself criticizing my self, what I was also doing was making the choice not to be happy. Made the choice to let old stories I made mean something about me from what other people said or did rule the stage of my life. I was choosing unhappy. It took me quite a few years of soul searching, yoga trainings, spiritual trainings, books and more to move past it in a big way.

But these things never really go away- you just learn to shut the thoughts down. If this sounds like you even a bit, I want to help you with some tools for your journey of self healing. Because it’s something we ALL need. This life can feel hard to navigate- but there is always HOPE.

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