Open your heart up. When you lead with your heart all else falls into place.

My recipe for staying heart centered each day, is to ask my self the question, “what is underneath that?” Meaning, that in everything I do, I check my motive. If what I do comes from a sticky place, that doesn’t feel good, I don’t do it, and take the time to do self inquiry. I dive in deeper to discover what is the source of resistance causing me to feel that way.

When you are not leaning towards joy, you are leaning towards resistance. Quite simply there is not space for both. You cannot be a yes and also be a no. You choose either resistance or joy.

To live from your heart, and experience joy, you must trace your resistance to its root and make peace with it. Buddha says “the root of attachment is suffering,” or conversely “attachment is the root of suffering.” So a better question may be then, from your resistance; what is it that I am attached to? or, what am I holding on to?

When you find the source you may find that you don’t feel as emotionally charged or attached as you once did, and that you have a choice to let go of the attachment.  Then ask for outside guidance to let it go; pray, write, or take a healing approach through using holistic tools like crystals to clear the blockage or anything that remains after you have set an intention to move forward being heart centered.

When you lead with your heart, soul, and joy, everything in your life will be in alignment and seem to flow.

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