Keep It Simple Stupid!

It’s time to cut the shit! I mean really…

I just got done teaching my CrystalYoga(tm) students about the yoga basics. But here’s the deal, we like to complicate everything..

When teaching yoga simplicity, and succinctness provide a container for the STUDENT to make their own experience, to show up as they are, and develop skills to cultivate mindfulness on their own. We as TEACHERS feel the need to do more based on our own stories, and perceptions of ourselves. Ex. If I don’t make my class harder or add in more advanced poses students won’t come..

This concept doesn’t just exist in yoga or teaching. It is everywhere. We have adopted a more outlook. More fancy, more fluff, more ego stroking..

More, more, more just makes us more confused more unclear, and enables us to chase things that are not us.

We see someone else do something, and then mimic it, but our greatest strength is our individuality.

Keep it simple stupid. Be you, and cut the fluff!


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