Irradiated & Heat Treated Crystals

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately in citrine and smokey quartz being treated. So, here’s my take, Crystal Junkies…Did you know that most citrine is heat treated? This is usually a man- made process in which amethyst which has the presence of manganese (which makes it purple) is heated by man (or by the earth) causing it to become yellow/ orange. Naturally earth heater citrine is more of a pale yellow typically more similar to smokey Quartz than what we usually associate with citrine. Citrine that is a bright yellow or dark yellow to burnt orange is most certainly heat treated by man. It is most commonly found in this form and usually in tumbles or clusters. This process does not make the crystals any less affective when it comes to their healing abilities. Most collectors find they simply have a preference for one or the other.
Smokey Quartz is another crystal that goes through a man-made process. Smokey Quartz is commonly found in a very dark brown to black state, which is not in fact how it is extracted from the earth. Irradiation is the process putting a Crystal through high ionizing radiation that changes the composition of the Crystal, smokey Quartz gets darker brown to black because of the presence of aluminum in its crystal lattice. Does this affect the healing qualities? Unlike simply heating the Crystal which can easily be tolerated (but occasionally makes crystals more frail) radiation is a lot more of a process because it changes its composition. So though both types of smokey Quartz have amazing transmutation, and grounding qualities, irradiated may have a slightly more subtle effect.
All in all your intuition will always be your best guide, feel free to explore and add different types of crystals treated and non to your collection and test how they make you feel, and their unique healing qualities for you.

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