As a spiritual entrepreneur and coach, one of the things I teach others is how to come into abundance.

We often set ourselves up for failure by not trusting out own intuition in the steps we should take in our businesses or in our personal lives.
Today, I was chatting with a friend and coach, and she confirmed what my intuition was telling me all along. It is time to invest in myself so that I can move my business into the next tier and really expand into the growth that I have set an amazing foundation for.

We all have stories around money. Around what happens if we spend it. About what happens if we don’t. What we tell ourselves when there is more, what we tell ourselves when there is less.

But, when we operate from a place of lack we are completely blocking abundance. And not taking the proper steps we need to, to support our growth, self-healing, and self-love because of monetary constraints and fear-based stories, is lack.

The most common reason I hear when people say no to coaching or courses is due to money. And while it is sometimes valid to operate from that place to be smart, I believe it is more common that our stories of lack are telling us we cant from their strong-hold place.

Where are you missing out, and blocking your own advancement because you are not willing to invest in yourself? What fear-based attachments can you let go of around money?

We need to be willing to bank on ourselves if we ever expect our lives to flourish. Are you ready to manifest everything you need in abundance? Grab some of your favorite essential oils, healing crystals, a quite spot and get busy, creating the life you have always wanted.

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