Crystals grids are amazing energy boosters and amplifiers but they take intention to work for you. I like to think of crystal grids like layers of intention. From the shape you choose, to the crystals, to how you choose to set your grid (and when) and where you choose to place it, you can get as deep into layering intention as you like! It can be super fun and creative.

To help you with the biggest question I see: ‘what shaped crystal grid should I choose?’ Here is a guide to help you in choosing the best shape for you.

Crystal Grid Shape Guide 

Crystal Grid; Flower of Life Shape

The Flower of Life is the master of all sacred geometry. It is an amazing all purpose/ all intention shape to choose, but has the power to manifest your desires and intentions very powerfully. You can see this shape in nature everywhere. It has 19 overlapping circles that are interconnected. It represents Universal connection, the principle of ‘as above so below’, a divine plan, trust in your journey (path), and creation (new beginnings) as well as all things coming to an end.

Crystal Grid; The Seed of Life Shape 

The Seed of Life is the shape before the Flower of Life or the origin. It has 7 overlapping interconnected circles and represents creation. It also represents transformation and consciousness. This shape is ideal to use during big life change or new beginnings.

Crystal Grid; Metatrons Cube Shape

Like the Seed of Life, Metatron’s Cube is part of the Flower of Life and contains connected points from the Flower of Life that create many sacred geometrric patterns. Typically this shape represents chakra healing and balancing and a clearing out of old energy.

Crystal Grid; The Heart Shape

As you would assume the heart crystal grid (which isn’t used as much as some of the others listed here) represents love, and self love. It can help strengthen relationships, help you tap into feminine energy and has a deep connection with the planet Venus (ruler of love.) It has a more calming effect and for an extra boost can be set up in the back right corner of your home (the friendship, love and relationship area.)

Crystal Grid;Spiral Shape (The Golden Mean/Ration)

This grid is imprinted with the sacred geometry of creation. You can see this pattern in nature in the center of a sunflower, in sea shells, and many other places. The spiral is linked to spirituality, prayer, and universal connection. Use this grid to boost your third eye abilities, and crown chakra connection.

Crystal Grid; Square Shape 

A square grid speaks to the intention of guidance and grounding for the choices we make as we walk through. The square grid is commonly used for guidance as well as protection, safety and stability.

Crystal Grid; The Circle

The circular shaped crystal grid represents positive emotions and harmony. It is also a symbol of fertility, wholeness, and maternal energy. For this shape I like using moonstone which brings healing energy to women, as well as connection with the moon (which is connected to the circular shape), along with amazonite and rose quartz for the heart chakra.

As always use your intuition when choosing the right shape for you. Good luck!

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