How to clear + cleanse your crystals

The thing I get asked the most is how do I clear and charge my crystals and when. Your crystals do not need to be cleansed or charged all the time especially if they are not being used all the time, your intuition is your best guide. If they are in high traffic areas of your home, or they are used frequently they may need to be cleared and cleansed more frequently. Say someone comes in with energy that is not what you want in your house and passes by or touches a crystal you may want to clear it. If you are performing a crystal healing session for a client your crystals need to be cleared and cleansed ALWAYS before use on another person. The easiest way to do this clearing is to do two things; 1. Ask that healing cleansing light be sent to your crystal and that it return to its original form for the use of the highest good and 2. Smudge it to release any lingering energy. You can also put the crystal in direct sunlight briefly. Charging is done when a crystals energy needs a reboot (also something you feel intuitively.) Charging can be done when a crystals energy feels depleted you can use the safest method of charging which is moonlight during the new moon for intention setting and the full moon for deep charging (because it is when the most energy or peak of energy exists.) Other common methods are sunlight, and reiki.

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