High Drive + Intuition

When you are someone who lives with high drive, sometimes intuition can be pushed to the wayside (even if your intuition is strong.)

It seems like these two things are always trying to battle and one is trying to win the war. But the truth is they both can exists together.

For most of my life my drive has run the show. My intuition was always something I knew I had because it was so strong in my childhood, but instead of trusting it I decided that I had to force and fight my way to accomplishment.

It was like I was trying to pave my own path instead of realizing there was one already made calling me gracefully to it.

I understand at this phase in my life that both of these things; drive and intuition will always exist and that I have to stay in a dance with them both.

The past few months where there was more drive I realized the balance needed to be tipped and this month my goal was to simply trust and give up the try.

Instead of try hard – try ease, try grace, try trust, and try submitting to Universal support.

This feeling feels good.

I am seeing its manifestations.

There is a time for action and a time for inaction.

When we learn to rely only on trying hard and force we tell the universe that is actually more of what we wish for. Good thing is we can change this at any moment and shift away from force and fear into trust and guidance.

What side has your scale been tipped to?

How can you choose to seek balance?

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