Grounding & Protection Tools

The current alignment of the planets and the moon has potential to leave you feeling very exposed, open, fragile and possibly frazzled as well.

Grounding is an extremely important part of healing work when healing your self or others. Why? Because if you leave people or yourself without proper grounding you leave an openness for unwanted things to creep in energetically. Imagine it like a box of precious items that you just left open on a sidewalk, would you expect those items to stay there? No, you would want to seal the box up and keep it in a safe place so it is protected.

Mother Nature has created some tools to bring you grounding to the earth and protection for your energy and intuitive abilities.

Black Tourmaline is a must have for your crystal collection. Not only will it bring you balance to your earth star chakra, protect against negative energy, and transmute it, but it will do the same for your crystal collection. Smokey Quartz is another crystal with these qualities to block negativity, and keep you in a positive perspective in every situation. Smokey Quartz is a perfect Crystal to wear daily, alternatively Smokey Elestial Quartz is great for protection when you sleep and dream protection.

In the world of vibrations at the frequency of grounding, there are some essential oils extracted from plants that buzz at just the right level, the equivalent of the before mentioned crystals in essential oils. White fir an evergreen tree, will not only make you smell the outdoors but get you grounded to the earths energy which is stable, balanced and prepared to take and dispel what you are ready to get rid of. Peppermint is another oil that is prime for your collection because it will provide psychic protection. As you open up your senses doing chakra work (specifically your higher chakras) peppermint will protect you along your journey.

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