Getting a cold?

Coming down with a cold? I feel your pain😫
I can always tell when I’m about to be sick. And today that tickle in my nose and the back of my throat popped up to say hello 👋
Did you know that we have some holistic tools from Mother Nature to help us out when we feel out immune system start to take a hit?

Cassia oil is in the cinnamon family, and is a natural immune supporter. It is antimicrobial, and antiviral as well as improves blood circulation and warms the body.
Carnelian is the crystal counterpart to Cassia and the Cinnamon family. Carnelian boosts life force, vitality, energy and the immune system. Keep carnelian on you, by your bed, or use it in a crystal elixir water when you feel a cold coming on.
Already have a full blown cold? Head for the peppermint, lemon, and honey water. Use Adventurine with your Carnelian for an added boost of vitality 💚❤️ And always please consult your doctor, especially if you end up with much more than the sniffles!

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