Full Moon June 2017 Energy Report

Full Moon in Sagittarius Energy Report:

Sagittarius is the extrovert, people person, who gets things done.


When it comes to your soul’s purpose, and passions, what are you ready to leap forward and take?


We make our own reality, so when you act with the energy of being a yes, you will manifest your desires. But, be sure to keep your boundaries in check because you have the possibility of being a yes for too much (or people pleasing). Clarity and intention are the key.


Actions need to be made with intention.

The balance; feel the yes in your body, and wait patiently until you feel the perfect time to act, and be clear about the outcome you desire.

Feel a little unclear about what you actually want or what steps to take to move forward?

The Super New Moon later in the month will help you unfold your best direction.


Are you ready to access your unique flow, know how moon affects you, and use moon energy to super-charge your life?

The Moon Phaseology Course is perfect for you!

You’ll learn how to balance your life based on your best times for work, play, and rest, and tap in to your true and powerful potential.



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