Full Moon January 2018 Energy Report

Wondering why you’re feeling emotional, or sensitive lately?

We are amping up for a Blue Super moon on January 31st.

This is a great time of abundance and manifestation for our dreams and desires, but first we must get our fears and the deep-down stories that aren’t serving us, out of the way.

We are being straight up confronted by them!

They key here is to lean into them instead of running from them. The way out is in!

Explore what your thoughts and emotions are trying to tell you – especially if you don’t like them!

Identify what is the root cause, and if you are willing to keep that mindset or ready to let it go and shift into something new.

You’ll amplify what you choose to do.  Good luck! ✨🌙⭐✨


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The Moon Phaseology Course is perfect for you!

You’ll learn how to balance your life based on your best times for work, play, and rest, and tap in to your true and powerful potential.


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