Get my 5 day course on how crystal healing works, and why it works, so that crystals are no longer woo-woo weird or taboo but a tool you want to use to enhance and balance your life every day!


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Get my guide for how to create a kick-ass yoga sequences that make students flock to your classes and get you making serious money as a yoga teacher!


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My Doterra Team Members get access to exclusive free team courses that teach how to bring together the worlds of essential oils and spiritual healing! These self discovery, and training courses include: Holistic Tarot Certification (CHTR), Journey to Self-Discovery, and Life Code Aromatherapy (CLAC) plus access to me your mentor and Silver Level Doterra Leader (IF you wish to learn about the business and grow your own team with these courses.)



You’ll love all of the information, how-to’s, crystal topics, self-healing tools, and spiritual business tips on my BLOG. If you are searching for a crystal to solve a specific problem; emotional, physical, auric, you’ll find your answer here and a plethora of other topics. Knowledge is POWER!



My Facebook Group for Essential Oil Beginners + Spiritual Junkies looking to learn how to use essential oils for spiritual and emotional balance as well as for their every-day holistic health.



The Highly Aligned Soulpreneurs Club is a hub for SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS, to discover and learn more about business, energy clearing around money, and making a magnetic brand. 


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