When we find alignment, we know what it is that we have to do. Sometimes when we find our life purpose it can seem like a task too big, but that is our fear talking through us. We are all capable of big things. My life purpose is to help people turn their story into their testimony so that they can reach the hearts of others and serve.

I knew from a young age I would be something big, but fear kept me silent and frozen for a long time. Over years of trials and tribulations I was finally done with fears hold and work every day to put my own doubt in the corner. I challenge myself to faith my fears, because we cannot serve two masters. We either choose our purpose and to do whatever it takes to work on that path or become a slave to fear. What is it that is in your heart to do? Be a healer? Be a light worker? Teach others? Provide people with life changing discovery tools? All of the above?

Your souls purpose is the thing that you feel in your heart is right, it feels like joy, intense energy of love, like something that just fits perfect. And it has been with you forever- it’s right on the tip of your tongue.

What would happen if you could change your perception of how you have to live your life, and shift to a place of this is my life’s mission and I will commit to it at all costs, because it feels so good to be led. Ask the Universe to help with the steps, all you have to do is choose to commit to that purpose. Speak it, write it, be it.

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