Essential Oils for Spiritual Support

I have to say it- I love essential oils 💕 I have been using them for going on 4 years now. I was introduced to them through yoga. They allowed me a take home tool for quickly shifting my emotions and moods to ones that are higher vibration. That feeling you have when you just get done with an amazing yoga practice. It’s like bottling it. Each essential oil has a unique vibrational footprint, use, and purpose.

Right now my favorites are Clary Calm by DoTerra, Arborvitae, Cardamom, and InTune. I use Clary Calm for emotional balance (it balances hormones), Arborvitae for shifting to and sticking with Divine Guidance (so as to not be self-led), Cardamom for easy with agitation, and InTune for spiritual shift and soul purpose motivation.

Ready for your next step? Check out Essential Oil 101, how-to’s, or join my Doterra Essential Oils Wellness Tribe HERE

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