EGO, SOUL and the SPIRIT, these are words we hear quite interchangeably in the metaphysical realm, but the truth is; they actual represent specific unique parts of our being.


The ego is the part of us that is our ‘inner narrator.’ It is the part of us that sees itself as separate from others and often sees things from a critical, victimized or judged perspective. It is the part of us that aims to keep us operating from our fears and doubts as well as tries to keep us operating from old stories (beliefs) we have created about ourselves based on old traumas. The ego can be good, because its true purpose is to keep us safe (self-preservation) but in this day and age we have a lot less life-or-death threats than we once did.


Our soul is the inner most part of our being that is all knowing and all healing. We also hear the terms Higher Self (or Divine Self) when we talk about the soul, and this represents the fact that we (all of us) have an inner guidance system or alignment that is governed by our soul’s purpose (or the specific work we are here to do based on our karma and soul blueprint.) The soul is the part of us with knowledge of past lifetimes and wisdom from them that we can access, but it also carries past lessons that have been unlearned or traumas that have been unresolved.


The spirit is out connection to the Divine which is our higher healing energy (also called source energy.) I like to picture this like a umbilical cord from my heart to a big light. It heals us and connects us to everything in the universe with a frequency including plants, animals, and the collective consciousness (everyone that has a soul on this physical plane 3rd dimension.)

“You are connected to spirit, you have a soul, you live in a body.”