EGO, SOUL and the SPIRIT! Do you know the difference?

EGO, SOUL and the SPIRIT! Do you know the difference?

THE EGO: the ego is the human part of us and sees itself as separate, it’s the inner critic, judge and victim.

It’s driven by fear and finds it hard to trust others, it lives in the past and creates dramas in our life.

When we live in ego town, we are controlled by our fears.

Now it’s good to know we do actually need our ego to survive in this world, however, our life will flow more when our ego is serving and supporting the callings of our soul.

THE SOUL: it’s our ancient self, the part of us we carry from lifetime to lifetime, it’s all the wisdom we have got over lifetimes. It can also carry trauma and patterns from past hurts.
Lifetime after lifetime we enhance our soul’s growth with the purpose of coming back home to our true spirit (our divine self).

THE SPIRIT: the spirit is our divine connection to source, it’s connected to everything in the universe.

It’s the Part of us that knows we are whole and complete. It’s our higher self.


**writing by Lindsey Kane

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