Step 1: 
Click this link:


Step 2: 
Click Join & Save at the top, then scroll down to the next page and click “Join DoTerra” then select Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer.


Step 3:  Fill out your information. Go to your cart, add the US Enrollment with DoTerra Essentials Booklet from the top scroll area, AND any essential oil items (using the search area) or a kit (from the scroll area) that equal 100pv. 

Note* You’ll see the PV within your cart view.


Step 4: 

Checkout. Then Yippie!! I will then get an email notifying me. I will send you your first course login + welcome email to the academy and plus your access to the VIP group.

Note* The default starting course is Moon Phaseology. If you would like to start with a different course please email soulfilledyogi (at) outlook (dot) com.


Step 5:

Hop on LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program.) Login to your back office with your member number and password, set up an LRP template for the 3 consecutive months after your 1st order to unlock your courses each month


Step 6: 

Email soulfilledyogi (at) outlook (dot) com when you wish to unlock a course even if you are on the regular course schedule.

Note* You must attached picture of your monthly LRP order to the email.

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