What is the difference between mantras, intentions, affirmations, and clearings?

Intention is your beginning point. You always want to choose your affirmations, mantras,?or any clearing based on intention. You want to ask yourself the question ‘what am I looking to accomplish or see in my life?’

Based on your intention which should be highly specific (use measurements, timeline, and purpose etc.) For example: I want 3 more clients by Dec 25th bringing me an additional income of $1000 so that I can have a more sustainable balanced lifestyle and stress less… Then you can choose a mantra or affirmation to affirm this intention.

Mantra specifically are linked to sacred vibrations, things like om, hum, etc. and affirmations are a little more personalized ex. I love.

Based on my above intention, an affirmation could be “I am worthy.”

Clearings has are asking for something to be removed from your life. In this example perhaps a story around money preventing the abundance desired.

This work is best done by someone who can pinpoint the core of the issue and work with your Guides using specific requests to help clear the blockages (so they don’t come back.)

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