CrystalYoga™ was designed to help those who have a passion for yoga take their creativity to new heights, and to transform fear into self-confidence through becoming a certified yoga instructor.

How this path will change your life:

  • Confidence to teach
  • Expertise in combining crystals and yoga.
  • Accreditation and networking reputability through an online listing for CrystalYoga™ Teachers
  • A support network of people like you to motivate you and provide support
  • Entrepreneurial materials
  • Options for a secondary certifications as a holistic healer
  • Freedom from a 9-5
  • A complete offering for your client base; yoga classes, and workshops
  • A new sales channel to up level your business
  • CEC (Continuing Education Credits) for 200-300Hr RYT’s (Registered Yoga Teachers)

Yoga is a powerful practice that shows us how to access our Higher Selves, connect a deeper spiritual guidance system, and most of all that we are all connected as a collective

CrystalYoga™ Teacher Training gives you the skills, accreditation, and confidence to become a yoga teacher and holistic healer in the competitive yoga market with a unique offering using crystals, and essential oils. The CCYT allows you to become a yoga teacher in a short amount of time PLUS make an income that allows you freedom from a 9-5 job. You’ll gain priceless business materials to help you pave your way to becoming your own boss instead of living out monotonous days at a cubicle.


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What Is Included:

Certification & Skill Cultivation:

Safe training under a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 2500 Teaching Hours

Basics of Yoga & Yoga Anatomy

Restorative Yoga 101

20HR Yoga Instructor (20 CEC Credit Hours through Yoga Alliance)

The Basics of The Chakras & Emotional Zones

How to Use Essential Oils in a Yoga Classroom Setting

How to Teach a Yoga Workshop

Unique Offering, New Niche for Your Business

Providing a Yoga Class

Adding Crystals to Your Yoga Teachings

How to Pendulum Dowse

Crystals Advanced Level + Crystal Gridding

Self-Healing & Healing Arts Training:

Confidence Developing Skills

Finding Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher

Integrity & Living Your Truth

How to Protect Your Energy Using Crystals

Clearing Your Chakras Using Energy Healing Tools Like Essential Oils & Crystals


How You’ll Learn It:

Video, Online Reading & PDF Print-Out Friendly Go-At-Your-Own Pace Online Courses:

CrystalYoga™ Teacher Certification Training (CCYT)

Business Materials

Practicum Submission

Certificate of Completion

Quick Print Class Reference Guide & Script

This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…


You may be at the very beginning of your path right now… Asking yourself if becoming a yoga teacher is for you, or if you are ready to invest in training, but seeking out much needed freedom from a 9-5, and that feeling of inner knowing that this is part of your purpose (and makes your soul sing.) Sound familiar?

That was me too. I came into yoga with fear, insecurity, no flexibility. Through dedicating myself to the practice found confidence, strength, freedom, and woke up to my own higher spirituality. I knew I could not just keep this practice for myself. I knew I was a messenger with a purpose. But I feared public speaking, financially in lack and a scarcity mindset, and thought I wasn’t good enough yet.

I am here to tell you. You ARE enough. You always have been, and now is the time to be a yes and put your dreams into action, make them your reality. You ARE ready.

This Course IS for you IF: 

>You are a yoga teacher who wants to learn how to effectively bring crystals and essential oils into your classes to impact your students in a deeper way

>You are ready to get over your fears and self-confidence blocks so that you can teach yoga and an alternative lifestyle

>You want to become a yoga teacher and want to start with an out-side-the-box approach which will specialize your classes, and make people flock to them

>You are looking for a career change but are worried there are A MILLION yoga teachers and you want to make yourself stand out, so you can ACTUALLY make money doing this as a living

>You want to learn about how physical yoga poses can change our thought processes and how to apply yogic philosophy easily into your every day life (taking the big concepts and making them approachable, and actionable)


You’ll also get*

First chance to register for in-person CEC Contact Hours for YA with CrystalYoga™ (CCYT) Immersions

Upon Graduation Acceptance to be Listed in the CrystalYoga™ (CCYT) Online Portal

Discount on any 200HR (or 300HR) Training Immersion, Summer 2018

Access to the VIP Palace Private Student Community

Enroll Now Bonuses: 

Bonus 1: Yoga Sanskrit Guide

Value $98

Bonus 2: Create Kick-Ass Yoga Sequences

Value $111

This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…

What my students are saying:

Crystal yoga was definitely that piece of the puzzle that was missing in my life. When I first heard about Jenn starting a crystal yoga program I knew I needed to be a part of it. Taking this course has changed my life, bringing my closer to my truth and closer to myself. Crystals, yoga and meditation are 3 things I am passionate about and this course made it possible for me to go out and share my passions with others while having the potential to do this as a side job one day. Jenn is an amazing teacher and yogi. She is passionate about what she does at it resonates through this course making it exciting, fun and spiritually uplifting.-Carolyn T.

THIS WOMAN AND THIS COURSE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I took a 200 hr TT this past spring (power yoga) and it was amazing but I kept putting off teaching. Something just didn’t feel right. Then I heard about this yoga training, incorporating my beloved crystals and essential oils. Even though my plate was already SO FULL I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. Jenn and the training were fulfilling and amazing. I feel empowered, confident and excited. As I write this, I am preparing to teach my second yoga class ever. The Goddess is rising!!!-Becky A.

This class has given me that competitive edge as a yoga instructor in an already saturated yoga community by incorporating crystals into the flow. A lot of studios already offer the aromatherapy element into classes but with crystals, I think I’ve found a certain niche with this unique offering. Jenn is amazing in breaking down information and explaining them in a clear, concise way. Great refresher course for those already certified!-Michelle M.

This 6 week Crystal Yoga Teacher training course is great for anyone looking to add a little something extra to their practice. The course is very user friendly, and I really enjoyed the personalized interactions. I was nervous about taking my first teacher training course because it’s a new dynamic putting me in front of the class. Jenn didn’t leave one topic untouched, her passion for teaching is so powerful that it transfers to you. She leaves you with a feeling of confidence no matter what your yoga background may be. I have been practicing yoga at home now for a little over two years. About a year ago I decided that I wanted to pursue my dream of teaching, so I began to search different programs. For me this course was a perfect match. Some of the material that was covered I had seen before in my personal studying but didn’t resonate with me. This teacher training course was set up with visuals aids that made retaining everything that much easier. I really enjoyed how they went hand in hand with the modules. Jenn broke the information down so I was able to understand it and apply it to my personal and professional life. I now have a better understanding of what the founding fathers intentions were behind practicing yoga. I am more equipped to assist my clients on their journey of healing. Having a variety of tools and methods to kept my classes beneficial to their personal growth with my very own twist I feel will give me an edge. I always feel so refreshed and motivated after a crystal yoga session and I will be able to share this opportunity with the world. I highly recommend this course to others. For me this a great addition to my holistic lifestyle choices for my clients.-Porcha C.

I have said for years that I would become a Certified Yoga Instructor. As soon as I saw Jenn’s course I knew I needed to take it. I am so excited I did. Becoming a Yoga instructor I am achieving another goal I set for myself. With this course I am going to be able to help so may people on a much bigger scale! I have grown so much during this course and so has my yoga practice!-Rebecca P.

This course was my first Yoga teaching class but it will not be my last. Jenn is an amazing soul and a spectacular teacher. I learned so much, not only about Yoga, but about myself, using crystals to heal, and self care. I will be taking more classes with Jenn when available and I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone interested in teaching Yoga or just in expanding your own Yoga practice. -Lydia E.

I’m so happy that I decided to take this course. Being a yoga teacher we are always looking for ways to grow and learn. This course is exactly what I needed to help me grow as a teacher and as a student. In the beginning we reviewed things I already knew which just made me feel more confident in my teaching, then we moved onto the chakra system, and mudras I fell in love. The way Jenn taught made it so easy to retain the info. At the end she taught us how to bring all the elements of a CrystalYoga class together. I learned so much about my own truth, and and how to help give tools to others so they can help themselves. I have found my confidence to be a leader, and feel comfortable helping others in a holistic way. Thank you Jenn! -Maryann F.

I am beyond excited that I was able to be part of this awesome course. I have a daily yoga practice. I have always been interested in becoming a yoga instructor. I also love crystals. While I am a Certified Crystal Healer  I am also Emotion and Body Code practitioner.  With my private practice I knew this course would be a great way to learn to incorporate two of my favorite things together. Crystals and Yoga! Then add Jenn as the instructor! I was all for it. I have taken her courses and lived them. So I knew that this course would be packed with information and be fun. It has been amazing! I have learned so much. I also can’t wait to incorporate yoga into my practice and start sharing what I learned. In my Emotion Code practice I help people release their emotional baggage without having to relive it I recognize that it is also imperative to give people tools to help them to live to not collect more trapped emotions. Yoga is a perfect self care tool for people to practice to maintain their releases. I can’t wait to see the impact Jenn course has as I share what I have learned. Thank you Jenn for this experience! -Rebecca M.

This course is currently closed, but you can join the waitlist…

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