Yoga is a powerful practice that shows us how to access out Higher Selves, connect a deeper spiritual guidance system, and most of all that we are all connected as a collective.

CrystalYoga™ was designed to help those who have a passion for yoga take their love and creativity to new heights through becoming a certified yoga instructor.

You may be at the very beginning of your path right now… Asking yourself if becoming a yoga teacher is for you, or if you are ready to invest in training, but seeking out much needed freedom from a 9-5, and that feeling of inner knowing that this is part of your purpose (and makes your soul sing.) Sound familiar?

That was me too. I came into yoga with fear, insecurity, no flexibility. Through dedicating myself to the practice found confidence, strength, freedom, and woke up to my own higher spirituality. I knew I could not just keep this practice for myself. I knew I was a messenger with a purpose. But I feared public speaking, financially in lack and a scarcity mindset, and thought I wasn’t good enough yet.

I am here to tell you. You ARE enough. You always have been, and now is the time to be a yes and put your dreams into action, make them your reality. You ARE ready.

Yoga School gives you training, accreditation, expertise, a unique offering which is brand new in the yoga world, networking reputability, plus business materials to help you pave your way to becoming your own boss and freeing you from a monotonous day at a cubicle.

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How this path will change your life:

  • Confidence to teach

  • Expertise in combining crystals and yoga.

  • Accreditation and networking reputability through an online listing for CrystalYoga™ Teachers

  • A support network of people like you to motivate you and provide support

  • Entrepreneurial materials

  • Options for a secondary certifications as a holistic healer

  • Freedom from a 9-5

  • A complete offering for your client base; yoga classes, and workshops

  • A new sales channel to up level your business

  • CEC (Continuing Education Credits) for 200-300Hr RYT’s (Registered Yoga Teachers)

  •  Access to getting your 200 or 300 Hr Certification at a discounted price. 

CrystalYoga™ Teacher Training gives you the skills, accreditation, and confidence to become a yoga teacher and holistic healing in the competitive yoga market with a unique offering using crystals, so you can become a yoga teacher in a short amount of time and make an income that allows you to create the freedom from a 9-5 that you desire.


Certification & Skill Cultivation:

Safe training under a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 2500 Teaching Hours

Basics of Yoga & Yoga Anatomy

Restorative Yoga 101

20HR Yoga Instructor (20 CEC Credit Hours through Yoga Alliance)

Chakras 101; The Basics of The Chakras & Emotional Zones

How to Use Essential Oils in a Yoga Classroom Setting

How to Teach a Yoga Workshop

Unique Offering, New Niche for Your Business

Clearing Chakras & Chakra Healing

Providing a Yoga Class

Adding Crystals to Your Yoga Teachings

Crystal Healing 101

How to Pendulum Dowse

Crystals Advanced Level + Crystal Gridding


Self-Healing & Healing Arts Training:

Confidence Developing Skills

Finding Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher

Integrity & Living Your Truth

How to Protect Your Energy Using Crystals

Clearing Your Chakras Using Energy Healing Tools Like Essential Oils & Crystals



Video, Online Reading & PDF Print-Out Friendly Go-At-Your-Own Pace Online Courses:

CrystalYoga™ Teacher Certification Training (CCYT)

Business Materials

Practicum Submission

Certificate of Completion

Quick Print Class Reference Guide & Script



In-person CEC Contact Hours for YA with CrystalYoga™ (CCYT) Immersions

Upon Graduation Acceptance to be Listed in the CrystalYoga™ (CCYT) Online Portal

Discount on the 200HR (or 300HR) Training Immersion, Summer 2018

CrystalYoga Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What my students are saying:

This course was my first Yoga teaching class but it will not be my last. Jenn is an amazing soul and a spectacular teacher. I learned so much, not only about Yoga, but about myself, using crystals to heal, and self care. I will be taking more classes with Jenn when available and I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone interested in teaching Yoga or just in expanding your own Yoga practice. -Lydia E.

I’m so happy that I decided to take this course. Being a yoga teacher we are always looking for ways to grow and learn. This course is exactly what I needed to help me grow as a teacher and as a student. In the beginning we reviewed things I already knew which just made me feel more confident in my teaching, then we moved onto the chakra system, and mudras I fell in love. The way Jenn taught made it so easy to retain the info. At the end she taught us how to bring all the elements of a CrystalYoga class together. I learned so much about my own truth, and and how to help give tools to others so they can help themselves. I have found my confidence to be a leader, and feel comfortable helping others in a holistic way. Thank you Jenn! -Maryann F.

I am beyond excited that I was able to be part of this awesome course. I have a daily yoga practice. I have always been interested in becoming a yoga instructor. I also love crystals. While I am a Certified Crystal Healer  I am also Emotion and Body Code practitioner.  With my private practice I knew this course would be a great way to learn to incorporate two of my favorite things together. Crystals and Yoga! Then add Jenn as the instructor! I was all for it. I have taken her courses and lived them. So I knew that this course would be packed with information and be fun. It has been amazing! I have learned so much. I also can’t wait to incorporate yoga into my practice and start sharing what I learned. In my Emotion Code practice I help people release their emotional baggage without having to relive it I recognize that it is also imperative to give people tools to help them to live to not collect more trapped emotions. Yoga is a perfect self care tool for people to practice to maintain their releases. I can’t wait to see the impact Jenn course has as I share what I have learned. Thank you Jenn for this experience! -Rebecca M.


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