10 FAQ’s for CrystalYoga

Don’t I need 200Hrs to start teaching yoga?

No. The way I teach CrystalYoga is enough to get you started teaching, and making money now!

What if I still want my 200Hr training?

That’s is great—and youll get a nice discount by becoming a CrystalYoga Teacher first. All of my graduates get a hefty discount of off my 200Hr. Most 200Hr trainings are around $5,000 today. My program is significantly less and gives you two options for completion. Coming here for quarterly immersions gaining all the hours you need throughout 1 year (where you don’t loose every weekend for months at a time), or by coming for the summer 2018 summit 200Hr training, 1 week and you’ll be certified.

How long do I have to complete CrystalYoga?

This course is completely go at your own pace. It typically takes students anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 week depending on how you decided to space out the modular learning. You’ll have access to all videos at once so you can make this fit for your own learning style, and you’ll get a series of emails to help you stay accountable to your studies.


How long will I have access to CrystalYoga?

You’ll have access to this program and all the materials for life.

When does the program start?

You’ll get access to the program as soon as you sign up 😊

What if I don’t want to become a yoga teacher, can I still take the program?

Absolutely, I highly recommend doing that because this experience is not only about teaching but about your self-discovery and ability to step up as a leader in your life.

Im already a 200 or 300Hr teacher, is this program for me?

Yes, you’ll get CEC Credits! Some of the content may be review for you, but I promise you’ll learn things that will solidify your previous teaching and add a unique layer to it, plus it will prepare you to teach a completely new and unique offering which means—more money!

Are you going to offer a payment plan?

Yes- take a look at this page for payment plans:

There is an option that fits every budget.

Can you guarantee results?

Are you going to show up, get ready to dive in, commit to your own learning process and self-development? If you show up and do the work—you will see a shift in your life and teaching.

Is there ongoing support?

Yes ongoing support is available via monthly group calls ( I call these leadership mini-immersions) this will be where we get into the knitty-gritty life stuff. Because your personal journey will reflect on your teaching—teaching is sharing who YOU are, and YOUR journey. These are designed to help us reflect, remove blockages, and manifest great things in our lives.

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