Interested in using crystals to balance your chakras? Here is a quick guide that can help you to assess which chakra may be imbalanced and some crystals to choose from to work with the get your energy flowing free again.

Earth Star Chakra (12-18 inches below the feet)
Out of Balance: Flighty, Unsafe
In Balance: Protected, Centered
Best Stone: Smokey Quartz

1st Chakra (Base of Spine)
Out of Balance: Insecure, Unstable
In Balance: Grounded, Secure
Best Stone: Hematite, Jasper

2nd Chakra (Below Navel)
Out of Balance: No Sense of Self, Blocked Creativity
In Balance: Personal Power, Creativity
Best Stone: Carnelian

3rd Chakra (Below Breastbone)
Out of Balance: Lack of Ambition
In Balance: Ambition, Confidence
Best Stone: Honey/Yellow Calcite, Citrine

4th Chakra (Heart)
Out of Balance: Love with Conditions, Lack of Emotional Stability/ Emotional Boundaries
In Balance: Unconditional Love, Compassion, Acceptance of others
Best Stone: Rose Quartz, Adventurine

5th Chakra (Throat)
Out of Balance: Inability to Speak Up
In Balance: Speaking Your Truth Easily
Best Stone: Sodalite, Blue Calcite

6th Chakra (3rd Eye)
Out of Balance: Lack of Spiritual Awareness
In Balance: Universal Connectivity
Best Stone: Tigers Eye

7th Chakra (Crown)
Out of Balance: Rejection of a Higher Power
In Balance: Enlightened, Cosmic Conscientiousness
Best Stone: Amethyst, Clear Quartz

Soul Star(One Hand Above The Head)
Out of Balance: Blocked Spiritually
In Balance: Connected with Divine
Best Stone: Petalite

Basic Tips:
1. Generally the darker the stone the lower the chakra it balances, the lighter of clearer the stone the higher.
2. If you need a stone for a chakra you will feel something while holding or having it close by- generally a positive reaction (warmth, vibration, etc.)
3. If you have a negative or repulsed feeling towards a stone you may actually need that stone but you might not be ready to release what is necessary to use that stone just yet. Don’t force it.
4. If at all possible, know your source of the stone. Know how many hands it has touched before you- get it as directly as possible, and better yet if you can purchase a stone that has been cleared/charged before it gets to you that is best. Stones/crystals pick up energy indifferently.
5. When you meditate or use your stone hold it in your non-dominant hand or place it in the area of the chakra.
6. The easiest way to charge a stone is with good intention through meditation, one technique does not fit all for cleansing or clearing techniques. Some techniques may actually damage or dull your stone, so the safest is putting energy in and intention.


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