Kids love crystals! One of the things that I love about young ones is their since of intuition because they don’t yet have a context for what they do. It doesn’t have to look a certain way, they don’t have to try to fit in, or be worried about being judged, they just do what is natural to them.

They have a way of just grabbing what they feel they need with a since or exploration, newness, and whimsy. It is a beautiful and amazing thing.

Let your kids at your crystals and see how much they love them- it will not only be fun for you to see what they choose and figure out why, but it can be something that you can bond over and teach them.

An activity for you and your kids;

Go to the store and let them sift through the bulk bin (if they are able)

See what they picked and ask them why they like those specific crystals (I bet they can sense the crystal’s innate qualities.) Then, look the crystals up by color in the Crystal Healer book by Phillip Permutt. Start a discussion on them with your kiddos 🙂

Put together a bowl or bin of crystals for your littles

Allow them to pick any that call to them and especially if they are’nt talking yet, let the crystals help give you some clues as to why your kid/s may have picked them by looking them up in the Crystal Healer book. Better yet, let them choose one to carry around all day (if they are old enough) or allow them to put it in their pocket. Make sure to collect them at the end of the day or keep track of where they end up otherwise you might have some lost crystals.

Allow your kiddos to be their own crystal healer!

Crystals that are great for children to help them find balance: clear quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, rose quartz, green adventuring, chrysoprase, ocean jasper, blue lace agate, calcite (all colors) these crystals have very calming even keeled energies perfect for kiddos

(P.S. Please always supervise your kids with them to prevent any accidents. Some kids like to put crystals/rocks in their mouths so they should ALWAYS be supervised.)


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