Crystals For Energy

Struggling with energy? I get it. Some days I question if I will make it through without coffee. But, there are some tools I have learned to use that are much better than coffee ☕️ Coffee uses caffeine to give you a boost. But, imagine now that everything in the world is vibrating just like that jittery feeling coffee brings. Well, it actually is! Everything has a vibration. Some higher some lower. When you bring something that has a high vibration into your auric field (near to your body) it can boost your vibration. Two tools that you can use with high vibrations buzzing with energy are; carnelian stone, and motivate essential oils. Carnelian a bright orange the color of energy will bring more blood flow through your body, boost your immune system and energize your auric field. Motivate, a blend of; peppermint, clementine, coriander, basil, melissa and more, is an uplifted. This oil will get you into action, motivated, passionate, creative and energetic.


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